Good Health Is Good Business

The healthier your workforce, the less time and money spent on dealing with chronic illnesses. Corporate Memberships at the YMCA are a great way to keep employees and their families happy and healthy.

At the Naples YMCA we encourage companies to invest in employee health by considering a corporate membership. It’s a proven fact that a healthy workforce is a more productive workforce. Participation in the Greater Naples YMCA Corporate Wellness Program can work wonders by helping your employees increase their energy level, reduce stress and develop a more positive outlook at work and at home. Not only does your company reap the reward of having employees who are more energized and motivated, but absenteeism rates decrease and the overall cost of health-care decreases with fewer medical claims.


As a corporate member of the YMCA, your employees and their families will enjoy everything the Y has to offer.
Here is the breakdown of our corporate membership opportunities.

Number of Employees 

Discount % Rate Company Registration Fee

Up to 50

10% $250 Annually


20% $450 Annually
101 - 150 30% $650 Annually
151+ 40% $850 Annually



Option One

  • Company chooses to be responsible for all payments to the YMCA for the membership for the employee.
  • Company receives one bill through invoice. The amount may be deducted from an employee’s pay check or paid (in any % increment) by company contribution.
  • Employee may sign up at the company’s HR department or present a pay stub at the Y.
  • The Joiner’s Fee is waived, if applicable.

Option Two

  • Company chooses not to be responsible for payments to the YMCA for the membership for the employee.
  • Employee must show current pay stub at time of sign up.
  • Employee may sign up at the Y.
  • The Joiner’s Fee is applied.