Drowning is Preventable

The Naples YMCA presents the Spier Splash Program. Through the Splash program, first, second, and third graders are being offered a free! Learn-To-Swim session, focused on Drowning Prevention.

The Naples YMCA Spier Splash Program is an initiative that strives to improve water safety skills and give more children the opportunity to enjoy a lifetime of recreational swimming without the fear of danger.


In Florida, statewide drowning is the leading cause of death for children under the age of 5 and the Spier Splash program is a major effort to reduce drowning in our community. Children will learn to swim, beyond just water safety, through the Naples Swim School at the YMCA’s curriculum built on the philosophy that a strong swimmer is a safe swimmer. Water safety skills will be taught as the priority while ensuring that the children have fun and are encouraged to continue their swimming careers beyond the Spier Splash program.

Swim lesson programming is critical to the development of children, not only in terms of water safety, but also in the development of self-esteem, confidence, and social development.

All children who graduate the Spier Splash program will be proficient enough in swimming to be able to swim 25 yards, unassisted. Programming will limit the student-to-instructor ratio to 6:1.

Over 200 children have graguated from the Spier Splash program in our first year!


Gabriella Lazaro, age 6
Gabriella was in the program for 8 weeks. It took most of those 8 weeks to get her to a point where she was comfortable enough letting go of me to try and swim by herself. Eventually, after many tries and fails, she was able to get herself moving forwards. She left the program swimming up and down the pool with ease.

Swisha Luna and Keshana Baptiste, ages 7
Two first grade girls, both Haitian, Swisha Luna and Keshana Baptiste joined the program from Golden Gate Elm. They were both very brave and very un-water-safe when I met them. These girls were SO excited to learn how simple skills, like floating on their back and treading water could keep them safe and independent in the water. Both of them exited the program successfully and seemlessly swimming across the pool. Side note: Keshana is the girl who fell off the dock and Marshall had to assist.

Alissa Telusca, age 7
Alissa joined the program in June, wanting to have a pool party for her birthday in August. It took days to get her to even put her face in the water. She and I practiced for weeks with her holding on to me and little by little she got comfortable enough to try and let go to swim to me on her own. She completed the program swimming independently, comfortably, and ready for her birthday pool party.


  • 3 weeks (Monday - Thursday)
  • Class times: 3:00 pm, 3:30 pm, 4:00 pm, 4:30 pm
  • Age groups: First, Second, and Third graders
  • Naples YMCA After School participants will be escorted to and from program
  • Lessons will be taught at the Naples YMCA by the Naples Swim School.
  • Each child will receive an embroidered towel.
  • Upon completion of the program, each child will also receive a FREE! bike and helmet from ‘Bikes for Tykes’!


  • Registration is ongoing
  • Registration forms must be completed, signed and returned to the YMCA staff member

Download Spier Splash Program Forms


For more information on the YMCA Naples Spier Splash Program or to register, please contact:

Maria Sunyak
Naples Swim School Coordinator
Email Maria

Jilian Navidonski
Naples Swim School
Email Jill