Publix Super Markets Charities Demonstration Kitchen

Eat Healthy, Live Healthy

Publix Charities has teamed up with YMCA to create our very own interactive multi-station kitchen where we can teach healthy cooking techniques and inspire new recipes to promote total wellness from the inside out. Area chefs and nutrition experts will be welcomed to teach healthy recipes, techniques or ideas to those in need of some nutritional inspiration.

The Y knows that a healthy family is a happy family. We want families to be involved as a unit, not as separate members. As part of our recent commitment to our healthy family initiative, we have teamed up with Publix Charities to create our very own interactive multi-station kitchen that will allow us to teach and enhance nutrition, recipes and total wellness through consumption education.

From our seed to table projects, to demonstrating healthy meal prep in our kitchen, to adding fitness classes for all ages into our program, we are more committed than ever to making healthy living a family-focused affair.


In 1966 Publix Super Markets founder George W. Jenkins, known as Mr. George, established a charitable foundation with the intention of caring for his community; and with a vision that the giving would continue long after he was gone. Today, under the leadership of Mr. George’s daughter, Carol Jenkins Barnett, Publix Super Markets Charities remains committed to serving the communities in which Publix operates.

Thanks in part to their generous support the YMCA Culinary Demonstration Kitchen will be the beginning to a new and complete approach to healthy living for the Naples community. The kitchen will be home to regular classes, programming, demonstrations and events all promoting a healthier lifestyle.

Thanks to Best Buy Pacific Kitchen, our multi-station kitchen is equipped with home appliances that chefs and certified nutritionists will utilize to demonstrate meal preparation and how to live a healthier lifestyle with the practical tools available to each and every one of us.  

The American Culinary Federation Caxambas Chapter of Naples and Marco Island has adopted the kitchen as an ongoing project. This team of high level culinary professionals will serve as teachers on an ongoing basis, sharing their recipes through educational classes for both children and adults.  The Weny Charitable Trust has funded a full-time Registered Dietitian that will oversee the kitchen, including the menu contents and breaking down nutritional values.  The YMCA will also use this kitchen with their Complete Health Improvement Program (CHIP).


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