Greater Naples YMCA Endowment Fund

Planned gifts to the YMCA are about planning for the future: Your future and the future of children and families. While each planned gift is unique, these gifts can offer significant financial or tax benefits while ensuring that future generations will enjoy the YMCA.

A Message from Paul Ciccarelli, Our Endowment Board Chair:

Thanks to the support of our community, our donors and tireless efforts by the CEO, board of directors and staff at our YMCA we have made an incredible comeback since the fire. Our new building is nothing short of spectacular (WOW!) as is the fact that no debt was used in the rebuild. We have partnered with Golisano Children's Hospital & Naples Health Network on bringing pediatrics & pediatrics physical therapy clinics to our YMCA (opening soon). Our new baseball field will be completed soon with the help of the Cal Ripken Sr. Foundation. We have resurfaced and refurbished our YMCA Tennis Center with 2 French Open European Red Clay, 6 Har-Tru, 2 US Open Hard courts and a specially designed children’s court. We have also launched a capital campaign to build a first class, state-of-the-art children’s pre-school adjacent to the new pediatric clinics.

Thank you to all that have supported the capital campaigns to make these goals a reality without taking on debt.

As we are able to see each of these capital projects completed there is an almost instant gratification - we feel good! And without your financial support, these capital projects would remain only a dream. It is a beautiful thing to see them become a reality!

It is my task to make certain we all understand the critical importance of developing the YMCA Endowment Fund so that these capital projects will be changing lives in our community, not just in the near term, but also for the long term. The purpose of our endowment fund is to assist our YMCA in sustaining our facilities, programming, scholarships, staffing, etc. while meeting our YMCA mission.

For many of us, this is a very visionary role to take… giving to an endowment fund for the future needs of our YMCA. We may not even be around when these funds are actually utilized for their intended purpose. We may not be there to receive all the thank you notes from the children and families that make up our YMCA family. However, your gift to the YMCA Endowment Fund is the gift that keeps on giving long into the future… helping even those children that are yet unborn and are our future. What can our future YMCA do to help them become great?

We believe the endowment fund is critical for the long term sustainability of current and future capital projects at our YMCA. To that end, we are suggesting that individuals contributing to our capital campaigns consider making an additional gift of 10% (of their gift to the capital campaign) to the YMCA Endowment Fund. This can be a current gift of cash or other assets… or a future gift… a bequest from a will or trust.

Help us build a lasting legacy for generations to come!

Thank you,

Paul F. Ciccarelli, Chair - YMCA Endowment Fund


The Endowment Fund is created and exists solely for charitable purposes of the Greater Naples YMCA and for insuring the long-term financial security of our YMCA. Its principal objectives are two-fold: 1: to increase donor awareness of the long-term financial needs of our YMCA, and 2) to lay the groundwork to sustain our Greater Naples YMCA in perpetuity for the benefit of our community.


Individuals and couples who make a gift to the endowment fund ensure the future of the Greater Naples YMCA. These special people are honored as Heritage Club members at the annual Heritage Club dinner. Valuable life-changing programs and services will be continued for future generations thanks to their vision and commitment. These gifts build long-range financial stability and sustainability for our YMCA.

Donors that make gifts to our YMCA's Endowment Foundation may qualify for membership in our Heritage Club. The Heritage Club recognizes those donors who make outright gifts of $5,000 or who make planned gifts of all sizes (trusts, wills bequests, insurance, etc.). Their gifts may be made to the Greater Naples YMCA Endowment Fund Inc.

For additional information or a complimentary, confidential illustration on how you might make a gift of a lifetime, contact Paul F. Ciccarelli, Board Chair at 239.262.6577 or You may also contact Paul Thein, CEO of the Greater Naples YMCA or any of our Greater Naples YMCA Endowment Fund Board of Directors.

You may view our financial reports as well as our IRS form 990 by going to


As you make estate plans, designing it involves two decisions:
Who do you wish to receive your assets? What are the best means of distributing your assets?

In deciding the best estate planning arrangements to implementing the transfer of your assets to your chosen beneficiaries, you should keep in mind the needs of the beneficiaries, the protection of your assets and the impact of estate taxes. In addition to taking care of the needs of your family, you may wish to include Greater Naples YMCA as a beneficiary.

It is important to make all potential stakeholders in your estate aware of your desires for distribution of your assets. Stakeholders would include potential beneficiaries, such as family members, as well as legal and financial advisor. If you wish to include the YMCA in your estate plans, it should be made very clear to all stakeholders.

Gifts to the Greater Naples YMCA Endowment Fund (GN-YMCA-EF) may be made in the following Ways:

  1. Outright Gift: You can make an outright cash gift to the GN-YMCA-EF. The gift can-be made on a regular basis (monthly, quarterly, yearly) or as a onetime amount during your life.
  2. Your Will: You can direct that a specified amount of your assets be given to the GN-YMCA-EF via your Wills.
  3. Revocable Living Trusts: You can create a trust during your lifetime or in your will. Trusts are very valuable instruments for managing your money, protecting beneficiaries or reducing estate tax liabilities. You can direct specific amounts to be distributed as you wish to your family, the GN-YMCA-EF or other charities via your revocable trust documents.
  4. Charitable Remainder Trust (CRUT/CRAT): These are trusts you create and fund during your lifetime. You receive an income tax deduction and all income for a term or your lifetime. At the end of the term or lifetime, the remainder is transferred to the charity or charities of your choice…i.e GN-YMCA-EF.
  5. Life Insurance: The proceeds are payable to the beneficiaries you have named under the options you selected in your policies or subsequent endorsements. Your beneficiaries’ maybe individuals, the GN-YMCA-EF or other charities.
  6. Other Ways: Here are other ways you can make a gift to the GN-YMCA-EF: Life Income Gifts, Retirement Plan Arrangement, Annuities, Gifts of Stock and other securities, gift of real estate, cars & boats.

Programs & Opportunities

For more information on how your gift can continue to serve the Naples community through specific goals and programs at the YMCA, please contact our YMCA Endowment Board.

Paul F. Ciccarelli
Email Paul

How to Give 

Our Planned Giving program is managed by the Greater Naples YMCA Endowment Fund (GNYMCA-EF). For assistance or inquires on giving to the YMCA Endowment Fund, please use the information below. 

Paul F. Ciccarelli
Email Paul

In addition, the Endowment Fund is held by the Community Foundation of Collier County

Community Foundation of Collier County
1110 Pine Ridge Road
Naples, FL 34108
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