Dear Members, Donors and Supporters:

We are writing to update you on what is currently happening at your YMCA.
As you know, following the announcement from Governor DeSantis to close all non-essential businesses, we temporarily closed our doors on March 17th and cancelled or postponed many upcoming Y programs and events. We all miss seeing you and providing you with a safe and healthy place to learn, exercise and socialize. We hope you, your family and friends, are staying healthy.

We are so grateful to those who have reached out to check on us and those who have been able to continue their memberships and donations during this health and economic crisis.

Although our doors are still closed, the Y has continued to serve our community in the midst of the crisis in a number of ways:

Now that organizations across our county are planning to re-open, here’s where things stand with the Y.

We are working with Y-USA, public health experts and the CDC to establish temporary safety protocols. This will include appropriate social distancing, disinfection plans, and, where needed, screening. We expect that we will re-open the Y in phases in order to meet these guidelines.  As soon as we know more about how our phased re-opening will occur we will let you know. We look forward to welcoming all of you back to the Y.

Our employees will be just as excited to return as most of you will. Except for a few key staff members, we have furloughed most staff in order to survive the crisis and they are anxious to return to their jobs. As with many nonprofits and small businesses, the crisis has exacerbated financial struggles and issues that existed at the YMCA before the crisis and has required immediate action to ensure that the YMCA can make it through the pandemic.  

When the crisis first began, the Board of Directors determined that immediate bold action needed to be taken to ensure the financial survival of the YMCA.  Although CEO Mark Hanke was hired almost two years ago to try to improve the financial sustainability of the YMCA, the financial situation has not improved under his leadership. As the pandemic hit, the CEO and the Board did not agree on the steps that needed to be taken to navigate the YMCA through the financial crisis.  As a result, Mark Hanke is no longer with the Y.  We thanked Mark for his service and wish him well.  

The Board has appointed Joanna Rivera, who has been at the Greater Naples YMCA for sixteen years, as the Interim CEO.  The Board, Joanna and the staff are working together closely to ensure that the right steps are taken to survive the crisis and welcome you back to our campus safely.

The Y is an important part of our community and all of us are working hard during the closure to make the YMCA stronger and healthier while we continue to add to the many ways that we already serve the community. We welcome your thoughts and suggestions.   

Thanks again for being a YMCA member, donor, or supporter and a member of the Y family.  We look forward to seeing you again soon. Until then, please stay safe and healthy.  

Greg Woods
Board Chair
Greater Naples YMCA

Joanna Rivera
Interim CEO
Greater Naples YMCA