Director of Tennis

Kevin Scott, is a certified Elite Level Tennis Professional by the United States Professional Tennis Association. This prestigious accomplishment is the highest testable rating offer by the USPTA. Additionally, Kevin is currently pursuing his Master Professional designation which is the ultimate achievement any tennis professional can achieve, less than 2% of all tennis professionals achieve this designation world-wide. These achievements require extensive knowledge of all aspects of the tennis industry, including strong teaching, playing and coaching experience as well as an extensive management and leadership background and service to the community.

Kevin is a 3-time High School State Champion and a 3 time Collegiate Conference finalist in both Singles and doubles. Kevin served as the team captain and no.1 singles and doubles player for Division I Towson State University where he was a regional stand out competed among the countries best talent. While attending TSU Scott also majored in Kinesiology with a concentration in Psychology of Sport and received a certificate of coaching.   

Kevin Scott is a respected teacher, manager and leader and has been sought after for seminars and clinics for tennis professionals and coaches throughout the state of Florida.  Kevin holds a 10 and Under Tennis certification, has completed the USTA Sports science Levels I and II and has special training in Cardio Tennis and teaching large groups.  He also held USPTA top 10 Florida Section rankings in Singles and Doubles and served as a member of the Wilson, Prince, and Babolat Advisory Staffs. 

Kevin enjoys working with all ages and ability levels which is evidence by his gregarious personality on court. He has worked with ITF touring professionals and world ranked juniors and has coached numerous USTA Teams to local and regional championships and National appearances. He is great with all ages and ability levels. In fact, one of his 5 year old “Y” students has recently “dubbed him” Mr. AWESOME!

Kevin is married to Toyan, a local business banker and they have three children, Ridley, Jordan and Clay.

Do you want to have fun, learn a new skill and get healthy? Then give Kevin a call today!


  • USPTA Elite Level Certified Tennis Professional
  • 10 and Under Tennis certification
  • USTA Sports science Levels I and II
  • Specialized training in Cardio Tennis
  • 30 years’ experience teaching all ages and ability levels


Kevin Scott
Director of Tennis
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