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    Healthy Living Series: A Free Benefit for YMCA Members

    Tuesday October 24, 2017
    Every Tuesday
    6:00 PM-7:30 PM

    Whether you are trying to prevent, manage or even reverse chronic diseases (pre- or Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol), need to lose a few pounds or just want to learn how to become healthier, this series is for you!

    Presented by:
    • Amy Chappell, M.D., Neurologist, CHIP facilitator and Certified (Rouxbe) Professional Plant-based Chef
    • Cathy Haffey, Tennis coach, Breast cancer survivor, and author “The Good Feeling” blog
    • Coco Heinrich, M.S. Exercise Physiologist
    • Elaine Reda, R.N., Certified Health and Wellness Coach
    • Heidi Roderick, B.S. Personal Trainer, CHIP facilitator, YMCA Director of Community Health & Wellness

    Class held in the Greater Naples YMCA Teaching Kitchen

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    Join us for any or all of the sessions which are free but registration is required. (Ages 12 and over only please.)

    • July 11: Kick-Off to Healthy Living Series: Change your Lifestyle; Improve your Health - Dr. Amy Chappell
    • July 18: Sitting is the new Smoking. So get Moving! - Heidi Roderick
    • July 25: Ideal Body Composition for Healthy Living - Coco Heinrich
    • August 1: Meet Your Health Coach and Clear Your Hurdles to Good Health - Elaine Reda
    • August 15: Cooking Class: 4 Ways with Chickpeas/Garbanzo Beans
    • August 22: Lessons from the Blue Zones: How do the world’s longest living people live? - Dr. Amy
    • August 29: Sitting is the new Smoking. So get Moving! - Heidi Roderick
    • September 5: How to write and achieve your health goals. (What are significant factors leading to disease and disability? How does a physically active lifestyle alter these factors to add healthy years to our lives?) - Coco Heinrich
    • September 19: Cooking class: Increasing Fiber in your diet
    • September 26: Re-engineering Your Environment to Meet your Health Goals - Coco Heinrich
    • October 3: Preventing and Treating Type 2 Diabetes without Drugs - Dr. Amy
    • October 17: Sitting is the new Smoking. So get Moving! - Heidi Roderick
    • October 24: "My Wake Up Call” Preventing and Reversing Chronic Disease - Dr Joseph Lombardozzi
    • October 31: Healthy Living goal setting and exercise plan writing workshop. Setting realistic goals and the plan to reach them. - Coco Heinrich
    • November 7: Cooking Healthy Holiday Treats
    • November 28: Sitting is the new Smoking. So get Moving! - Heidi Roderick
    • December 5: “My Story” - Cathy Haffey
    • December 19: Cooking Healthy Holiday Treats

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    Amy Chappell Heidi Kirker Roderick

    Located in the Greater Naples YMCA Teaching Kitchen


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