24 Hour Wellness


Work Out When You Want

24 Hour Access Members will enjoy full-privilege use of the Greater Naples YMCA 1st Floor Fitness Center as well as OnDemand classes in the Group Fitness Room.

As a Y member with 24-hour access, you may use the Greater Naples YMCA Fitness Center at any time. Other areas of the Y will be staffed during advertised hours of operation, but once the Y closes, there will be no Y staff on hand to assist members. After staffed hours of operation, ONLY YMCA adult members who have signed a 24/7 access waiver and have received an access card will have access to the Fitness Center.


Adult Y members wanting 24-hour access to the YMCA will be required to sign a 24-hour access waiver to receive their personal access card for entry. Cards can be obtained from Member Services during staffed hours of operation in conjunction with a signed waiver. If a Y member damages or loses their card, they should report it to the Y as soon as possible. A replacement card can be purchased for $15. Your card is unique to your membership and will allow access as long as your membership remains current.

To access the Fitness Center, hold the card up to the card reader to the right of the door, you will hear the door activate and see the reader light turn from red to green when the card is read. Upon activation, pull on the door to gain access (there is a 5 second time limit). To exit the Y, wave your hand in front of the reader to the left of the door. When you hear the door activate and see the reader light turn from red to green, push on the door to exit (there is a 5 second time limit). Do not exit through the door marked emergency exit only. When entering and exiting the Fitness Center, please ensure the door closes behind you. Do not hold the door for anyone, as they will need to use their card for access.


Please be aware that your access card is to be used only for your own personal entrance into the facility outside of staffed hours of operation. Members with 24 Hour Wellness access cannot grant access to other individuals, even if they are Greater Naples YMCA members and known to you. This is so the Y can track who is in the building at all times. Granting access to another individual will result in the member losing 24 Hour Wellness access and possible termination of Y membership.

We highly recommend that you exercise with another member who has 24 Hour Wellness access, when doing so outside of staffed hours of operation. The YMCA has a 24-hour video recording system for security purposes. It will be reviewed on a daily basis to address any security concerns and monitor who is using our 24 Hour Wellness facility. Please note that this system does not provide staffing assistance for any emergency that might arise. A telephone is located in the fitness center in case of emergency. In the event of an emergency, dial 9 then 911. The Greater Naples YMCA address is posted by the telephone and emergency personnel will be able to access the building during non-staffed hours of operation.

Safety Lanyards: It is always recommend and strongly encouraged for members who work out in the evening hours to wear the lanyards. The push button call-system device located at the end of the lanyards is only meant to provide additional support, alerting us to any safety concerns. Our lanyards are individually numbered and accounted for through our surveillance camera system and a GPS tracking device. Members should always use the lanyard device as an additional precaution and return them to this location after your workout.


24-hour access to the YMCA’s Fitness Center is for members only, 18 years of age and older. Each adult member wanting 24-hour access is required to purchase their own access card and must use it to gain after hours. Access cards may not be shared with other members (including family). Doing so would be a violation of our guidelines and will result in losing 24-hour access to the YMCA and possible termination of membership.


Guests will not be allowed 24 Hour Wellness access, as it is for YMCA members only. If a Y member provides 24 Hour Wellness access to a guest, that Y member will lose their 24 Hour Wellness access privileges and possible termination of membership.



With the addition of 24 Hour Wellness access to our Fitness Center, the YMCA is adopting a strict honor code based on Y values of honesty, respect, caring and responsibility. If a Y member fails to abide by the guidelines established, their 24 Hour Wellness access and potentially their membership will be revoked with no refunds given. These guidelines are in place for the safety and security of our members and deviations from our values are deemed inappropriate to our mission


For more information on YMCA Memberships contact us at info@greaternaplesymca.org